In 2021, the twins Austin Taylor and Luca Taylor, two young lovers of classic Muscle Cars from the ’70s, their models, and their tradition, founded the Mid-Ohio Mopars, a club for enthusiasts of the models produced by the famous American Company Chrysler in its heyday. We aim to bring together vehicles – including classics, mods, and preps – at annual conventions here in the city of Aberdeen.

With around 15 members, the owners of many Muscle Cars models travel to many parts of the UK, the home country of their founders, as well as other destinations across Europe.

Our club wants to become a valuable network to assist with parts sourcing, specification, or restoration and maintenance advice. We will soon be launching a quarterly club magazine offering a wealth of information about what it’s like to own and drive a classic Muscle Car, whether you’re 20 years old or over 40 years old.

Although, if they are located in this city, why call ourselves Mid-Ohio Mopars and not Aberdeen Mopars then? Well, you see, here we will tell you an interesting fact about the twins Austin Taylor and Luca Taylor, who were separated six weeks after their birth and lived apart for almost 20 years.

The surprising thing about all this is that, when they met again, they realized that they had lived very similar lives despite living almost 150 km away from each other. Not only that, Austin and Luca realized they shared a passion for cars, especially muscle cars.

The “Jim” Twins in their youth.

Their journey became very similar to that of the most iconic twins in Ohio: Jim Lewis and Jim Springer, who were originally from that American State, and although their story was not as stormy as of the Ohio duo, they felt identified enough to put the place of origin of these twins to his venture – besides the American state is also closely related to automobiles – Jim Lewis lived in Lima, Ohio and Jim Springer in Piqua, Ohio.